Founder and President

Jerome Wong founded Real World ExpertsTM after having successful careers in finance and technology. His most recent position was as Managing Director of Credit Structuring & Advisory at BNP Paribas in NY, where he was able to successfully expand his business during the height of the financial crisis. Previously he held similar roles at Citibank, UBS and Chase Manhattan Bank working in New York, London and Hong Kong where he provided financial products and solutions for banks, insurance companies and asset management firms. Prior to graduating with an MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School, he worked in the greater Boston area in engineering and technical sales positions in digital image processing, software and defense companies. He received a BS in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University. Mr. Wong is currently an adjunct instructor at the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University in New York City.


Throughout his career he has had a keen interest in hiring and developing talent for the various institutions he has worked for, actively involved in on-campus and off-campus recruiting. His frank and pragmatic advice has helped develop the careers of many of the young graduates he has worked with across the globe.


Real World ExpertsTM was established with the goal of creating a team of like-minded professionals with cross-disciplinary expertise to prepare students for the transition from the academic into the professional world.  It is a truly unique and diverse advisory board consisting of seasoned managers with broad global experience.

Why us?

Supplement the career services at school with invaluable advice and guidance from the team at Real World ExpertsTM who have:


Reviewed thousands of resumes and interviewed hundreds of people

Recruited, managed and mentored new graduates  for  their respective organizations across various industries such as banking, technology, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, executive recruiting and  management consulting

Developed successful careers across many functions such as finance, engineering, sales & marketing and human resources