“Jerry is my mentor and guided me on finding a job in large financial groups. He taught me not only on how to prepare and interact with interviewers during the interview, but also inspired me on how to find a good job in a strategic way. As an old Chinese saying goes, it is better to teach how to fish rather than to give fish. Jerry is focusing more on how to build a strategy on seeking a job and how to differentiate yourself. His suggestions made me think more deeply about my resume, not only on what I did, but also what I accomplished. It turned out to be very useful during many interviews afterwards.


Thanks to his help, I successfully got an internship in Barclays and would still rely on Jerry to guide me on my career path in the future. I strongly recommend him and his team to all the job seekers, especially for those who hope to find a good job in large companies.”


Feng Zhang, Senior Risk Analyst at JPMorgan Chase & Co.



“Jerry has been a very valuable source of honest feedback and advice. He is a guy you can trust, something that is increasingly rare in the corporate world. That is what makes his advice and mentorship so special. Both as a boss and later also as a mentor he has been very inspirational and fair and that has been tremendously helpful to my career over the years. I would highly recommend his program and advice without hesitation."


Arthur Cunha, LatAm Structurer at HSBC



"Jerry is my mentor on Wall Street.  He taught me how to succeed in large organizations. His innate ability to understand how people think of themselves when they interact with others and when they market themselves and how to modulate that perception taught me  how to get ahead in finance. I completely endorse his program for anybody who wants to get ahead in the corporate world as I still rely on Jerry for advice and will do so for a long time.”


Adnan Zuberi, Managing Director at BNP Paribas



"Jerry has been a great mentor of mine since the beginning of my career. He taught me all the important people and self-branding skills that no university teaches in classrooms nor provides in their career services departments. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jerry and his program to anyone who is serious about building their career with a proper beginning."


Samson Wong, Senior Manager at Hong Kong Monetary Authority



“Jerry provided me with invaluable advice when I first got started.  His straight forward non-nonsense style gave me the perspective I needed to understand how the ‘real world’ worked after four years of college.  Over 15 years later, I still find myself giving new graduates the advice I inherited from Jerry as a newly-minted analyst.”


Eric Delmonaco, Managing Director at Nomura



“I have personally known Jerry for 17 years. He has a long, diverse and successful investment banking career and has always enjoyed being a mentor to colleagues and junior staff.  Jerry has a unique and candid approach to coaching. He has helped numerous college students build their confidence and has provided individualized guidance and career advice to give them a competitive edge in landing positions at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and other top tier organizations.”


Wendy Li, Senior Vice President at City National Bank



"I have relied on Jerry for advice and guidance at several decision points in my career. I highly value the wisdom and insights he brings to the table from his years of experience in various companies, geographic regions, and sectors of business. Jerry brings a refreshing honesty and directness to the counsel he provides as he is realistic with his recommendations and never offers clichéd advice. He has an uncanny ability to understand people and figure out what makes them tick, enabling him to offer customized advice with deliberate insights that are difficult to find. For these reasons, I highly recommend Jerry and his program for anyone seeking thoughtful career guidance."


Trevor Spencer, Executive Director at UBS